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Really cool game! I wrote a review of it on my blog, if anyone's interested-

Oh my gosh thank you for the kind review!!! I'm so glad you enjoy the game--we share a quest for the ultimate Pokemon rpg!!!

Hi, this looks cool! Is it a one-player game or a two-player game?

Ah, I just saw in the main image it's a solo game :) 

I had a great time playing this game! I made a knight and his griffon companion who journeyed to a large city in the hopes of beating a gauntlet of challenges to improve their skills as protectors of their small town.

Unfortunately, they did not succeed, but they grew a lot closer over their journey and they'll try again for sure!

I really enjoyed the mechanic of drawing a card and having the number represent the DC.

Definitely buy this game to create a beautiful story of companionship and growth!

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What happens if you go through the entire deck without getting enough renown? Is that the only way to lose?

Also, is the deck ever re-shuffled or replaced during the game?

Thanks for the comment! Apologies for the late reply!

I would reshuffle the deck of you wish to keep playing, or simply return home with your companion, pleased with the renown you received. Describe the journey home and what your new goals are together.