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You are going on a journey. 

You are a Handler--a being, human or otherwise, who has a special bond with a creature Companion. Perhaps you're a Ranger with her devoted wolf by her side. Maybe you are a wizard, whose small dragon familiar aids them with their magics. Maybe you train a monster that possesses unique powers.

Whatever the case, the important thing is that you share a vital connection with this Companion of yours, and it is that connection that will fuel your journey. The two of you shall undertake challenges together until you have proven your mastery in your chosen Quest.  In the end, it will be your bond to this, your dearest friend, that determines your success or failure.

Like No One Ever Was tells the story of you, a Handler with goals and dreams and ambitions; and your Companion, a creature who is your teammate and trusted friend; as the two of you achieve your dreams together.  To play it you will need:

  1. Something to write with and something to write on
  2. One twelve-sided die (1d12)
  3. A deck of 52 Standard Playing Cards (Jokers removed)
  4. Either a six-sided and a four-sided die (1d6 and 1d4) or another way to randomly generate numbers 1-6 and 1-4


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(2 edits)

What happens if you go through the entire deck without getting enough renown? Is that the only way to lose?

Also, is the deck ever re-shuffled or replaced during the game?